The War Within

The ultimate case of split personality disorder? Or the best Christian fantasy story since Narnia?

What Potential!

Storyteller reviews a short film about the value of every life, but the review is interrupted…

Christmas with a Capital C

A movie about the War on Christmas… or is it?

The Watchers: Revelation

A movie that addresses the topic of aliens from a Christian perspective. Is it worth watching?

The Omega Code (with Diamanda Hagan)

A recap of the Storyteller’s co-review with Diamanda Hagan, from a different perspective…

Revenge of the End Times Movies

Led by the Nicolas Cage Left Behind reboot, a swarm of End Times movies attack the Storyteller!


A Christian sci-fi movie about the government taking children away. Is it worth watching?

First Love

Is this story about a modern day Peter worth watching?


What does this movie about magician Harris III have up its sleeve?

In Gramps’ Shoes

In which a grandpa teaches some young whippersnappers a lesson or two. Is it worth watching?