Revelation Road 3: The Black Rider

Once again, the Storyteller takes a trip down Revelation Road… but will he survive the journey this time?!

Season 9 Trailer

Teaser for Season 9!

Megiddo – Omega Code 2 with Diamanda Hagan

The unlikeliest co-review the multiverse has ever seen!

Season 7 Prologue

The Storyteller discusses some much-needed changes with Uncle Bob and Mr. Researcher.  New episodes start October 2nd!

Season 6 Bloopers

Bloopers, outtakes, and behind the scenes from Season 6!

Revenge of the End Times Movies

Led by the Nicolas Cage Left Behind reboot, a swarm of End Times movies attack the Storyteller!

The Top 5 Christian Movie Resources

Find out what I think are the best websites for Christian film info!

2013 Year End Update

A look back at the cool stuff that’s happened this year, and an update on what’s ahead for Indy Christian Review.

Free Christian Movies!

In honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day, Cowhead the Pirate wants to share the best places to watch Christian movies for free!

Top 5 Favorite Christian Movies (as chosen by Facebook)

I asked my Facebook fans what their favorite Christian movies were, and these are the top 5 responses!