The Battle for the Hat

It’s the explosive finale to this season’s storyline! Will the Storyteller and his friends be able to defeat Genocron and save our world?

My Top 10 Favorite Christian Movie Moments

This week, I list my top ten favorite moments from Christian movies.

Creed of Gold

Is there corruption in the Federal Reserve? More importantly, is “Creed of Gold” worth watching? Find out!


While trapped by Cowhead the Pirate, Zack reviews “Escape” from PureFlix Entertainment, starring C. Thomas Howell and John Rhys-Davies.


Is this movie about a man and his homosexual father worth watching?


We wrap up Christiano Month with Rich Christiano’s alien feature, “Unidentified!”

End of the Harvest

Christiano Month continues with a look at this movie about when the world could end.

Second Glance

A parallel universe version of Zack looks at Rich Christiano’s “Second Glance,” starring David White.

The Appointment

Christiano month continues with this 1990 classic about a woman who is told when she is going to die.

Daylight Zone/The Pretender/Crime of the Age

We kick off “Christiano Month” with a look at the Dave and Rich Christiano’;s first three movies!