Revelation Road 3: The Black Rider

Once again, the Storyteller takes a trip down Revelation Road… but will he survive the journey this time?!

Do You Believe?

Does the follow up to God’s Not Dead deliver, or does it sink under the weight of a massive cast? Find out!

Christmas with a Capital C

A movie about the War on Christmas… or is it?

God’s Not Dead

I finally take a look at this breakaway hit. Does it live up to the hype?

Revenge of the End Times Movies

Led by the Nicolas Cage Left Behind reboot, a swarm of End Times movies attack the Storyteller!

The Encounter: Paradise Lost

The Storyteller looks at the sequel to PureFlix’s popular movie about people meeting Jesus in the modern day.

Revelation Road 2

The Storyteller returns to review this end times sequel. Is it worth watching?

Revelation Road

The search for a good End Times movie continues. Will this film break the losing streak for the genre?

Meant to Be

A pro-life drama with a twist (and Della Reese!). Is it worth watching? Find out!


While trapped by Cowhead the Pirate, Zack reviews “Escape” from PureFlix Entertainment, starring C. Thomas Howell and John Rhys-Davies.