The War Within

The ultimate case of split personality disorder? Or the best Christian fantasy story since Narnia?

Leaving Limbo

Mr. Researcher looks at this movie about a girl who wakes up from a coma after 19 years.

Gramps Goes to College

Creationist retiree vs. Evolutionist professor. Is it worth watching?

Mom’s Night Out

Check out Mr. Researcher’s take on this Mom-Com!

What Potential!

Storyteller reviews a short film about the value of every life, but the review is interrupted…

Valley of the Shadow

A young girl seeks revenge during the Civil War.

The Watchers: Revelation

A movie that addresses the topic of aliens from a Christian perspective. Is it worth watching?

Megiddo – Omega Code 2 with Diamanda Hagan

The unlikeliest co-review the multiverse has ever seen!

Season 7 Prologue

The Storyteller discusses some much-needed changes with Uncle Bob and Mr. Researcher.  New episodes start October 2nd!

Revenge of the End Times Movies

Led by the Nicolas Cage Left Behind reboot, a swarm of End Times movies attack the Storyteller!