The War Within

The ultimate case of split personality disorder? Or the best Christian fantasy story since Narnia?


Can this boy find a family before he ages out of the foster system?

Leaving Limbo

Mr. Researcher looks at this movie about a girl who wakes up from a coma after 19 years.

Valley of the Shadow

A young girl seeks revenge during the Civil War.


This week, I look at a documentary about discrimination in the medical industry.

Christmas with a Capital C

A movie about the War on Christmas… or is it?

The Battle for the Hat

It’s the explosive finale to this season’s storyline! Will the Storyteller and his friends be able to defeat Genocron and save our world?

My Top 10 Favorite Christian Movie Moments

This week, I list my top ten favorite moments from Christian movies.

Creed of Gold

Is there corruption in the Federal Reserve? More importantly, is “Creed of Gold” worth watching? Find out!


While trapped by Cowhead the Pirate, Zack reviews “Escape” from PureFlix Entertainment, starring C. Thomas Howell and John Rhys-Davies.