This week, I look at a documentary about discrimination in the medical industry.

Our Beautiful Secret

Is this documentary about a man with cerebral palsy who runs marathons worth watching?


What does this movie about magician Harris III have up its sleeve?

Mother India

Is this documentary about the lives of Indian orphans worth watching?

Behold A Pale Horse

Charlie Daniels leads the charge in this political documentary. Is it worth watching?


Is this documentary about media over-consumption worth watching?

Crying Wolf

Wolves: noble beasts or government tool?

Agenda: Grinding America Down

Are the Commies out to get America? Or is this documentary full of it?

The Star of Bethlehem

Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are…. or were… does this documentary give any answers?

What Is Scientific Truth?

A documentary that attempts to look at the Creation vs. Evolution argument from a neutral perspective.