Amazing Love

Is the Christiano Brothers’ attempt at a Bible movie worth watching? Find out!

Top 5 Favorite Christian Movies (as chosen by Facebook)

I asked my Facebook fans what their favorite Christian movies were, and these are the top 5 responses!


We wrap up Christiano Month with Rich Christiano’s alien feature, “Unidentified!”

End of the Harvest

Christiano Month continues with a look at this movie about when the world could end.

Second Glance

A parallel universe version of Zack looks at Rich Christiano’s “Second Glance,” starring David White.

The Appointment

Christiano month continues with this 1990 classic about a woman who is told when she is going to die.

Daylight Zone/The Pretender/Crime of the Age

We kick off “Christiano Month” with a look at the Dave and Rich Christiano’;s first three movies!

Amazing Love (Review the Preview)

Does this trailer for “Amazing Love” by 5&2 Pictures make Zack want to watch it or skip it?

Late One Night

A chance encounter in a diner turns explosive. Is it worth watching?

Time Changer

This week’s episode takes us through time! (With a special guest appearance by the Controversial Warrior)