The War Within

The ultimate case of split personality disorder? Or the best Christian fantasy story since Narnia?

Revelation Road 2

The Storyteller returns to review this end times sequel. Is it worth watching?

Taken By Grace

Hostages, murder, revenge… fun for the whole family! Is it worth watching?

For Love’s Sake

A heart-wrenching (and heart-warming) true-life story about a mother trying to get her kids back from foster care. Is it worth watching? Buy the DVD: For Love’s Sake, DVD

No Lost Cause

A movie about a girl struggling with being paralyzed. Is it worth watching?


A troubled foster boy meets an apathetic camp counselor. Is it worth watching?

My Son

An R-rated movie made by a church? Is it worth watching (and deserving of such a strong rating)?

Second Glance

A parallel universe version of Zack looks at Rich Christiano’s “Second Glance,” starring David White.