Revelation Road 3: The Black Rider

It’s the 100th episode!  Once again, the Storyteller takes a trip down Revelation Road… but will he survive the journey this time?!

Special appearances by Diamanda Hagan, Miss Nightmare Reviews, The Isle of Rangoon, and Laura Seabrook!

Thank you to everyone that has supported the show over years!  If you missed the announcement, this is the final episode of the show.  I’ll miss doing it, but it’s time to move on to bigger and (hopefully!) better things!

Revelation Road 3 review - Indy Christian Review with Zack Lawrence

  • Scott Link

    It’s been a good run! Good luck on the future projects, bro!

  • Laura Drachenberg

    “[Christian Movies] need to be telling stories and having messages behind them that equip the church to get off their lazy butts, quit worrying about the End Times, and get to work now!” AMEN! ^_^

    Good final episode. 100 reviews! WOW! Excited to see what new projects you’re gonna come up with from here! Oh and…Nice hat 😉