Left Behind (2014)

It’s finally here, my review of the Left Behind reboot starring Nicolas Cage.  Lord, help me.

“I Wish They’d Quit Already” words by Zack Lawrence, performed by Stephen Nasby.

Click here to download the song!

Left Behind 2014 review - Indy Christian Review

  • Scott Link

    Can you provide a link to just the end song, so I can post that as a reply any time I ever hear about another film in the series?

    • Zack

      LOL. There’s a download link below the video. I’ll upload the music video by itself to YouTube later today.

  • Paul Burgess

    Went to view the “Attack of the end times Movies”…and look at the view count! Appropriate, maybe?

    Thanks for the review!

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  • Laura Drachenberg

    Haha the song at the end is so great, Zack! ^_^ Like the montage too!