Beyond the Mask

A 1700’s vigilante stands against the forces of evil led by… Gimli?!

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Beyond the Mask review - Indy Christian Review

  • Laura Drachenberg

    That was great! Loved the count at the end – that poor actor would have had to fall in SO many times for those shots! Hahaha…I wonder if the director had something against him. LoL.
    Great review! I’m excited to see the film now!!

  • David West

    Great review! I thought this one looked fun from the trailer. I’ll have to check it out! I don’t know about the idea of Christian superhero movies as that sounds like a recipe for cheese to me, but I would DEFINITELY love to see more Christian genre films. Unfortunately that’s a niche that seems to only be filled by terrible end times films at the moment, which is why it’s cool to see a film like this one come out. I have a script I’ve been working on for a while that I’m hoping to make into a feature in the next year or two. It’s basically a detective noir/thriller, only instead of your typical police detective or private eye it’s main character is a young Pastor who takes his first job at a tiny, dilapidated church in the middle of nowhere.

  • Tabitha Groleau

    Christian superheros . . . That would be really cool. I’m really thrilled by the Burns Family movies because they are period pieces with God involved in the story. Whether they take this to superheros or not, it’s still really cool to me to see this genre being played with. I REALLY want to make historical/fantasy movies with God, so the succes of this movie is really exciting to me.

  • Sandra

    Loved this Movie, Great swash buckling adventure. Fun adventure!