Indy Christian Review to Conclude

After much prayer and thought, I have made a decision to finally bring the show to an end.

2013 Year End Update

A look back at the cool stuff that’s happened this year, and an update on what’s ahead for Indy Christian Review.

October 2013 Update

Hey there guys, So here’s where things are standing right now.  I’ve updated the schedule for the final time for the rest of the episodes for Season 5.  As you can see, I’ll be wrapping up the season, and the Vale Relator storyline, on October 31 with a review of Revelation Road 2 (here’s my […]

What’s to Come

My “to watch” stack is steadily growing, so here’s the plan.  All the video reviews this year will be considered “Season 5.”  Since I’m going to be working on at least one movie this year, the production of reviews is going to be pretty scattered throughout the year.  I’ll be producing several episodes in one […]

Battle for the Hat Explained & Season 5 Update

A quick vlog explaining why I did the storyline in Season 4, and when to expect more videos from me in the future.

Beyond Acceptance Winner!

We have our winner of the Beyond Acceptance DVD! Watch the video to find out who it is!

Beyond Acceptance Giveaway!

I have an extra copy of Beyond Acceptance on DVD that I’d like to give away! Watch the video below to find out how to enter the drawing. Click here to watch my review of Beyond Acceptance.

Season 4 Schedule!

Click the title to see the current schedule for Season 4! Everything’s subject to change, of course. I’m prepping for a bigger, more entertaining (hopefully!) season of Indy Christian Review!