Christmas with a Capital C

A movie about the War on Christmas… or is it?

Between Heaven & Hell

This week I look at a web series about the war between angels and demons. Is it worth watching?

Touched by Grace

An anti-bullying film centered around a senior prank. Is it worth watching?

Nikki and the Perfect Stranger

The Storyteller reviews the third installment of the Perfect Stranger series! Is it worth watching? Buy the DVD: Nikki and the Perfect Stranger

The Watchers: Revelation

A movie that addresses the topic of aliens from a Christian perspective. Is it worth watching?

The Omega Code (with Diamanda Hagan)

A recap of the Storyteller’s co-review with Diamanda Hagan, from a different perspective…

Our Beautiful Secret

Is this documentary about a man with cerebral palsy who runs marathons worth watching?

Leaving Eden

October is Pastor Appreciation Month, so let’s look at a web series about the life of a pastor!

Love Covers All

A father-to-be finds himself stranded hours away when his wife goes into labor. Is it worth watching?

God’s Not Dead

I finally take a look at this breakaway hit. Does it live up to the hype?