Season 1 Bloopers

Bloopers and outtakes from season 1!


A lawyer is given a phone that can call back in time!

Dad the Hero in the Wild Wild West

A dad with an extreme imagination has an adventure in the wild West.

On Location: The Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp

This week, we go on location to the Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp!

Street Preacher

A documentary about street preachers!

No Greater Love

A man’s wife reappears after vanishing ten years ago.

The Moment After 2

Is this the best End Times movie ever?

The Penny

A bunch of people find their lives intertwined by a single penny.

The Runner From Ravenshead

Little Rascals meets Pilgrim’s Progress… and kid with mustaches!

Small Talents

This week, I look at a short film based on the parable of the talents.