Indy Christian Review to Conclude

Indy Christian Review to conclude December 2015After much prayer and thought, I have made a decision to finally bring our web series Indy Christian Review to an end.

After four years and nine seasons, Indy Christian Review will conclude with its 100th episode this December.

My goal for ICR has always been that it would be a helpful resource for my fellow indie Christian filmmakers to promote their films. I like to think that, in some small way, I’ve been able to give a boost in sales and views to many of my fellow Christian filmmakers, as I often get messages and comments from people thanking me for telling them about movies they didn’t know about.

There are several reasons I have decided to conclude the series at this point. My production company, Standing Sun Productions, has several other projects in development that are dividing my rapidly-dwindling available time. As I’m working on producing these other shows, it’s become more difficult for me to have the creative energy remaining to write and perform reviews that both do the films justice and are entertaining for viewers. And, unfortunately, while ICR has been a source of revenue for Standing Sun, the time investment that goes in to producing a season has not been generating sufficient returns to keep it viable.

I’ve actually come close many times over the years to cancelling the show for most of those reasons. But just when I was ready to throw in the towel, something would happen to keep me going. Sometimes a cool film would be sent to me, or a new Patreon supporter would come in, or a new viewer would post an encouraging comment. But as I enter what I believe will be an exciting new phase for our company, I’ve to come to realize that it’s finally time to bow out once and for all.

And hey, 100 episodes is quite the nice, round number milestone to end on. Few “real” TV shows ever hit that mark!

I have been honored and blessed to meet so many amazing people over the years through this show, and it’s been encouraging on a personal level to see people get excited about something I do, even when it’s not always consistent or makes sense (sorry to everyone who got confused by the storylines!). “Thank you” does not even begin to express the gratitude I feel to everyone that has supported and encouraged my efforts here at Indy Christian Review over the years.

I hope you’ll continue to follow and support what I work on in the days and years to come, and I hope that what I work on is worthy of your support. And who knows, maybe I’ll post a Review the Preview from time to time if I come across a Christian movie trailer that piques my interest. And of course, I’ll always be willing to do a cameo or co-review with any of my fellow internet reviewers out there!


May God bless you, and may God bless independent Christian films!

  • This is a bummer. However, I totally understand. You put a lot of work and time into this show. It will be missed. Thanks for all your support of Indy Christian films.

  • Jared Geesey

    Thanks for all your hard work on the show Zack!

  • MiscellaneousSoup

    Will this affect the network version of ICR that you hinted at?

    • Zack

      Unfortunately, yes. We’ve scrapped the TV version of the show for many of the same reasons.

      • MiscellaneousSoup

        Thank you for responding. Have a wonderful day! I will savor your program.

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