October 2013 Update

Zack LawrenceHey there guys,

So here’s where things are standing right now.  I’ve updated the schedule for the final time for the rest of the episodes for Season 5.  As you can see, I’ll be wrapping up the season, and the Vale Relator storyline, on October 31 with a review of Revelation Road 2 (here’s my review of the first movie in case you missed it: Revelation Road).

I was originally planning on doing a “Sherwood Month” and a second End Times movie special (called Revenge of the End Times Movies.  Again, here’s the first one in case you missed it: Attack of the End Times Movies) in November and December… but I think I need to take a break from working on more videos for a while.  Life is at a crazy time for me right now, and I’ve had to take on a part time job to make ends meet.  Plus, I’m gearing up for the release of my own movie, In His Steps, which will be available on DVD December 3, and is available for preorder now. (More about that project here: In His Steps)

So in order to prevent me burning out, which is honestly quite imminent, I’ll be shutting down production of the video reviews after these last three episodes.  I still have several movies that have been sent to me by filmmakers that I need to review, so I’ll be doing those as articles, rather than videos.  Kind of getting back to basics, in a way.  That is how this site started after all. 😉

Oh, and for the three of you that have shown any interest in the storylines. 😉  I’ve started a wiki for the Storyteller Universe (which includes more that just Indy Christian Review!) that you might be interested in: The Storyteller Wiki.

Thank you all for your continued support of this site, my work, and of Christian films.  It’s all incredibly appreciated!  I’m not going away any time soon, just changing my approach and workflow for the time being. Don’t worry, videos will return in the not too distant future!