Christmas Grace

Christmas Grace review - Indy Christian ReviewGary’s Toys is a small toy store owned and operated by Gary and his wife Susan. But when the much-larger Tollman Toys opens across the street, it’s not long before he’s run out of business.

But while he’s trying to make ends meet, he gets inspiration to invent a new game that quickly becomes very successful. This allows him to reopen his store, and the tables quickly turn on Tollman Toys.  This makes Gary Public Enemy Number One to Mr. Tollman, who does everything he can to undermine Gary’s business.

While Gary’s definitely the “good guy” of the movie, the story really is more about Mr. Tollman. He’s a hard, unethical businessman who’s determined to drive Gary out of business and make his own store succeed. Gary, by contrast is a strong Christian, and does his best to run his store and his life in a Godly way. While Gary has his struggles, especially when he’s forced to close down the first time, it’s really Mr. Tollman who has the bigger journey.

The movie is nicely shot, and the acting was good overall. Christmas Grace is a heartwarming Christmas story that has great examples of people demonstrating Christ’s love to others in a practical way. I definitely recommend it.


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