What is Indy Christian Review?

Indy Christian Review was a weekly web series hosted by The Storyteller (played by Zack Lawrence) bringing you reviews of independent Christian films that are worth watching (with only a few exceptions, but we’ll get to that later).

Indy Christian Review was originally just a blog that started in January 2011. It wasn’t long before it was decided to make the move to the growing world of web series, and the first episode premiered on May 12, 2011. New episodes were released on Thursdays, though there are often breaks between “seasons.” As of December 2015, the show has concluded its 9th season, ending the series with its 100th episode!

The Storyteller - Indy Christian ReviewWho was The Storyteller?

The Storyteller was the host of the show, played by Zack Lawrence.  He strove to help his fellow indie Christian filmmakers get the exposure he felt their films needed by sharing his favorites with the world. However, he never pulled punches when he found weaknesses in a film, and pointed them out in a fair, but firm way. All with the goal of improving the quality of Christian films, mind you.

The Storyteller, as his name implies, has made many videos and movies of his own. As the show went on, he was faced with the dilemma of his characters coming to life and hanging out with him (or trying to kill him, in the case of the villains).  You can find out more about the characters and world of the Storyteller at The Storyteller Wiki.

Who is Zack Lawrence?

Zack Lawrence - Indy Christian ReviewZack is a producer, director, and actor who has been working in film and video production since 2004.   He’s worked on indie productions across the country, as well as several network television shows.  If you ask about any part of the filmmaking process, pre- to post-production, in front of or behind the camera, chances are he’s done something in that area. His own productions include: 1 nationally-released feature film, 1 documentary, 2 children’s program DVDs, 10 short films, 12+ commercials and promos for corporate clients, 190+ various web series episodes, YouTube skits, and music videos …not counting the work he’s done on productions for other people!  His full list of credits, and updates on his current projects, can be found at ZackLawrence.com.

How can I support this site?

In the four years that the site was active, ICR was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from a small, but dedicated group of fans.  Even though the website is now in archive mode, there are still ways you can support both our continuing work, and the filmmakers featured on this site:


Ad Revenue

Like many series on YouTube, ads are displayed before each video plays, which generates some revenue for every view.  We also run Google Adsense ads on the website below each video.  This is our primary form of revenue to keep the site online, and so we respectfully ask that if you use adblockers, you disable it while on our website or watching our videos.  By doing so, you not only support what we do, but you also allow us to continue to help Christian filmmakers continue to make good movies.  Please note, all advertisements are automatically generated, and we have no control over the content that’s shown.

Affiliate Links

We often include a link to purchase a DVD of the movies featured in each review.  These links include a special code that lets the merchant know you came from our website.  If you end up purchasing the movie through that merchant, they give us a very small cut of the sale.  It doesn’t cost you any extra to use our affiliate links, and it’s a great way to support us and the filmmakers all at once!